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Интер Джет Турс

We are a small team of highly qualified professionals in their own fields that have been dedicated to FIT travel over the past 12 years since Inter Jet Tours/Bulgaria and Penguin Travel/Denmark have been in existence. Our staff includes: Dimitri Popov, Founder and Director of Penguin. Dimitri is an educated geographer and has worked as a ski and mountain trek guide both in Bulgaria and in Western Europe. His travel experiences include Mongolia, the Himalayas, Siberia and Northern Russia. Anton Paskov, Founder and Director of Inter Jet. Anton has specialized in recreational geography and tourist management, and has held various positions in the travel industry. He has traveled widely throughout Bulgaria and has been a mountain guide. With offices in Denmark and Bulgaria and with a wide network of local contacts in the destination country, we are able to take care of any incentive travel needs promptly and effectively. Our staff as well as the many locally hired operators and reliable suppliers ensure that your tour programs will be conducted professionally, safely and cost-effectively. We have wide experience in different programs for active holidays and we will be glad to offer you to partake of our expertise and research. We hope that this catalogue with a lot of exciting and attractive trips to Bulgaria will inspire you in planning new tour programs in South-Eastern Europe and we look forward to working with you to make them a success! In our 12-year presence on the travel market in Bulgaria, we have always paid special attention to arranging tours to areas, which are not spoiled by mass tourism. In such parts of the country the infrastructure is not adjusted to the luxurious demands of the sunbathing tourists and sometimes it is not possible to plan and foresee everything. On the other hand, in this kind of trips there is more eccentricity, closer contact with Nature and local people, culture and way of living. There is a feeling of attractive unexpectedness with the tourists, which sustains their interest throughout the whole journey. We visit small and forgotten villages unspoiled by civilization in remote pristine regions. Of course big cities and important tourist sights are also included in some of our trips. So, if you love exciting and thrilling experience - you are welcome to our world of adventures. Key to classification and abbreviations listed for each tour. INTERJET reserves the right to make changes if necessary - without warning. For current changes and new offers please go to our web-sites given above!!!
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Балкан Турист

We know from experience that your vacation is one of the important events in your life, and our firm commitment is to ensure that you won"t miss a single moment of fun and excitement while you are in our care. We"ll show you the World we know and love best, and we promise to make your vacation dream into a living and memorable experience. Founded in 2001, Balkan Tourism has perfected the exacting standards of travel excellence unrivalled throughout the travel industry, so you can be assured of a vacation that will surpass your every expectation. So if this sounds like the kind of service and commitment you have always dreamed of, and then experience it first hand with Balkan Tourism. It"s unique, it"s special, it"s fun, and best of all, it"s easily affordable and all yours for the taking. Who better to show you first hand the wonders of Bulgaria, Europe, Turkey the World, than the people who live and work in these areas. Balkan Tourism has partners in many of the world"s great cities, so we are never far away, making sure your vacation runs smoothly and satisfactorily. Our commitment is your guarantee of satisfaction. We are proud to have earned accolade from clients and partners through our dedication and commitment to providing absolute quality, value and peace of mind at all times throughout your vacation choice. Our striving to impose a new, quality assured European style of service, has always led us during our developing process. We choose, examine and promote new, remarkable travel packages. Every client is guaranteed a personal attention and commitment. We are proud with our well-educated smiling team, which will listen to the clients" desires at any moment and will propose an adequate solution in respond to their requests. With their finesse and high professionalism our professionals are designing tailor-made products in respond to concrete requests for either groups or individuals. Quality, value and reliability Our unrivalled experience and expertise, ensures the kind of attention to all those little details that turn a vacation into a great vacation. We look forward to the pleasure of your company on one of the greatest vacations on earth - a Balkan Tourism Travel Agency. The company is very active on the tourist market, effecting Incoming, Outgoing tourism, Bus / Air Ticketing, Excursions, Rent-a-car additional tourist services.
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Cross the line

Групови и индивидуални почивки и екскурзии до всяка точка на света Специални романтични оферти за младоженци и влюбени Алтернативен туризъм на територията на България:
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